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Summer 2019

Dear West Hartford LifeLearn Students.

After 66 years of providing quality enrichment and personal development experiences to the residents of West Hartford and neighboring community members, we regret to inform you that at the conclusion of the Summer Options 2019 semester, the LifeLearn program will no longer operate as an enrichment entity of West Hartford Continuing Education. We have greatly valued our relationship with you and thank you for your loyalty and friendship over the years. Your active engagement  in our programs and passion for lifelong learning have been of tremendous benefit and reward to the West Hartford community and surrounding towns. Therefore, we hope that you will consider West Hartford Leisure Services a provider for future educational and recreational programs.

West Hartford has enjoyed a longstanding relationship with West Hartford Leisure Services. Each year, we have shared a fall semester catalog which offered hundreds of dynamic indoor, outdoor and online educational and recreational  experiences for individuals of all ages. The programs offered by West Hartford Leisure Services take place in safe, professionally maintained and accessible facilities. Leisure Services extends an invitation to the loyal patrons of West Hartford LifeLearn to explore their programs and services.

Although we are sad to bring closure to over six decades of providing high quality programs and services, while promoting community engagement, we are pleased to know that our friends at West Hartford Leisure Services will continue to offer a variety of opportunity for enjoyment and personal development. We hope that you can enhance their program through your active participation as you have done for West Hartford LifeLearn.

Many of the trips and tours that our members enjoyed through West Hartford LifeLearn will continue to be offered through our partners, Farmington Continuing Education. If you are currently registered for a 2019-2020 fall or winter trip, it will be managed through Farmington Continuing Education. There is nothing further you need to do, but you may confirm your trip by contacting Farmington Continuing Education by calling 860 404-0290, Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. or via email at,

If you have questions at any time during the LifeLearn transition phase, please contact Roszena Haskins or Ruthann Kozlowski at 860 561-6900 or


Roszena Haskins, Ed.D.                                                           Ruthann Kozlowski                                                                                                                                Director of Continuing Education                                              LifeLearn Coordinator                                                                                   






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