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Estate Planning: Don't Make These Mistakes 302

You may think that drafting an estate plan is straightforward, but in reality, if you do it wrong you are jeopardizing everything you have worked for. Just because you have a Will or Trust doesn't mean you have covered your bases. What is the difference between a Will and a Trust? Why won't a will b sufficient by itself? Do you need a power of attorney and what should it say? Should you add your children's names to your bank accounts? We will share real life stories showing you the dangers of common estate planning mistakes such as using incorrect phrases in your documents or omitting important ones. We have seen more will contests and probate litigation in the last five years than in the preceding 25 years! Failing to fund or revoke a living trust, using ambiguous provisions, titling assets improperly and not updating beneficiary designations are just some of the blunders that you must avoid!

Our financial courses are taught by people who are practicing financial planners, sales persons of investment products or services, or are actively involved in a business or profession that is related to the subject they teach. We endorse their ability as instructors, but make no comment as to their professional skills or abilities, or the value of any product or service they sell.

Sessions:  1
Date:  7/16/2019
Meeting Time:  Tuesday 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Location:  Hall H.S. Room C110
Instructor:  Jeff Rivard
$25.00   (Non-Resident Fee)
Discounts & Other Fees:
$6 Resident Discount
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