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As we continue to work toward the future when we retire, we need to be aware of how the fluctuations of our investments can potentially affect our retirement. Based on the level of risk that  is taken in the investments, the time horizon, the potential loss of the investment and the dependency on the asset itself, it can play a major role on when we do retire. Bear markets, defined as a period where the stock markets goes down 20% or more, from the highest point happens frequently. From 1900-2014, there were 32 bear markets. Statistically, they occur about one out of every 3.5 years and last an average of 367 days. For those old enough to remember, in the 1970's the market dropped 48% over 19 months and in the 1930s dropped 86% over 39 months. The most recent U.S marketoccurred in 2007-2009, the market dropped 57% over 27 months. Another notable market is Japan's  "Lost Two Decades" from 1998 to present where the market values were noted as having declined 80%. During this presentation, we will educate you on some of the following topics that will help you understand the value of planning and staging your retirement to potentially be prepared for these events: how does the sequence of return factor in my retirement; what are my expectations for a rate of return and how this is important to my retirement; how do social security and pensions affect the solvency of my plan and how can this change; what are some of the ways to hedgeor shelter my portfolion when these events happen; buy low and sell hih, we've all heard of the concept - how do we accomplish this. Join us to learn how market corrections can affect your retirement.

Sessions:  1
Date:  2/27/2019
Meeting Time:  Wednesday 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Location:  Conard High School Room 170
Instructor:  Michael Alimo
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