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Tax Free Retirement 315

Many Americans assume that their taxes in retirement will stay the same or go down; unfortunately for may not be the case. Historical federal tax rates have been as high as 91% in the 1950's, 70% in the 1970's and 50% in the 1980's. Upon retirement, Social Security may be taxable as high as 85% to the recipient and required minimum distributions from retirement accounts also can create substantial taxable income. Include pensions, rental property income, capital gains, dividend and interest income and you can see the picture is somewhat unclear on future taxes. Learn about strategies that can help you get closer to a tax free retirement.

Our financial courses are taught by people who are practicing financial planners, sales persons of investment products or services, or are actively involved in a business or profession that is related to the subject they teach. We endorse their ability as instructors, but make no comment as to their professional skills or abilities, or the value of any product or service they sell.

Sessions:  1
Date:  9/25/2018
Meeting Time:  Tuesday 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Location:  Conard High School Room 170
Instructor:  Michael Alimo
$29.00   (Class Fee)
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$10 Resident Discount
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