High School Registration & General Information

                                  All summer high school registrations will take place online or by phone                                during the COVID-19 school closure. 


By Phone:

Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
MasterCard or VISA or DISCOVER
(860) 561-6900

By Fax:

(24 hours / 7 days)
MasterCard or VISA or DISCOVER
(860) 561-6907

By Mail:

Summer Options
Continuing Education Office
50 South Main Street
West Hartford, CT 06107-2447


Not available during the COVID-19 School closure until further notice. 


Financial Aid

Limited financial aid is available to assist students of the West Hartford Public Schools who have need, to take credit courses.  Click here to see review financial aid eligibility and to complete the Financial Aid application.  Application deadline is Friday, May 29, 2020.


Tuition fees (For Summer 2020)

  • 1/4 credit; $294 (Non-residents $344)
  • 1/2 credit; $364 (Non-residents $404)
  • 1 credit; $689 (Non-residents $744)

Registration fee: Please add a registration fee of $16 per student. Each student must pay the registration fee only once per summer, regardless of the number of courses or programs selected. Make checks payable to West Hartford Public Schools.

Tuition: Tuition and registration fees are due at the time of registration.

Collaborating Towns: Enrollment in the 2020 WHPS Summer High School program is limited solely to students who attend West Hartford Public Schools.  Out-of-district students have been contacted and have received a full refund for classes in which they were previously registered.  Out-of-district school administrators and school counselors have been informed of this change. Families are encouraged to contact their child's school counselor to explore alternative options.  

Refund Policy: Registration fee is nonrefundable unless a course is filled or cancelled by the Continuing Education Office. A full tuition refund excluding the registration fee is granted if the student elects to leave the program for any reason prior to the close of business on the first day of the semester.

Course Cancellation

The Summer School Program, or any specific course or activity therein, may be modified or cancelled due to insufficient enrollment. Decisions on the cancellation of a course due to a lack of enrollment may be made up to two days prior to the start of the course and a full refund will be granted. The Summer School will call the home of any students enrolled in a course that is cancelled.

Credit Information

All credit courses meet the minimum state requirement for the number of instructional hours offered during the regular school year, and are approved for credit by the West Hartford Board of Education. No credit or grade will be released by the Summer School unless tuition payments and book obligations are paid in full.

All students must check with their school counselor if they plan to take courses for credit toward their local graduation requirements, as some credit courses may require prior approval of the student’s Department Head/Department Supervisor.

Information for Parents and Guardians

On the first day of school, each student will receive a Student/Parent Handbook and a description of the teacher’s Academic Procedures.  Parents/Guardians are required to verify that they have reviewed the online handbook. Hard copies can be provided upon request. 

Open House for Parents

Parents are invited to a virtual Open House for first semester on the 3rd day of school from 7:30-7:50 a.m. during which time the teacher will describe the curriculum and expectations of the course. A second semester Open House will take place on the 3rd day of school, also from 7:30-7:50 a.m.

Student Attendance

Summer School Distance Learning credit courses meet synchronously and asynchronously, with teacher individual and group check-ins for approximately 3.5 hours per day. This time allotment makes each summer school day the equivalent of one week of school during the regular school year. Consequently, all students will be expected to attend every day. Summer school attendance policy mandates that unexcused or excessive absences may lead to course failure and, therefore, loss of course credit.

In short, if students will miss more than 2 class days for a full 1.0 credit  course, or one (1) class day for a 1/2 credit course in a semester, they may should not plan to attend class for credit. Specific attendance requirements are stated in the Student-Parent Handbook.


In addition to synchronous virtual/online learning, students must expect to devote a significant amount of time on homework on a daily basis.  The online distance learning platform, coupled with day and evening sessions aim to provide flexibility for students who attend to other personal responsibilities during the summer.  

Homework Center

Online Homework Center hours will announced. The center provides students help with homework and access to math and language arts tutors, in a virtual atmosphere for completing assignments. It is open to all summer school students.

Expelled Students

Students currently expelled by a public school district may not attend this Summer School.

Teacher Assignments

Teacher assignments for each course will be posted online prior to the first day of each semester. 

Student Accomodations - IEPs and 504s

The West Hartford Summer High School is a regular education program.  There are no special education services provided and no assigned special education staff during our program.  However, we will make reasonable accommodations to meet the educational needs for students who provide the program with a district issued Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or a 504.   

All parents, even those with students in the West Hartford Public School system, are required to provide the Summer School with a complete copy of the IEP or 504 plan.  Accommodations listed in the IEP/504 will not be provided unless the IEP/504 is provided to the Summer School office on or before the second day of classes.

Class Cancellation & Substitute Teachers

Synchronous class cancellations are not anticipated; however if a teacher has an emergency absence and a substitute cannot be arranged, students will be contacted by the Summer School Office with instructions provided for continued learning.  Any day of school lost due to the entire program being offline for an unforeseen reason will be made up through a modified schedule.  

Electronic Devices and Internet

The 2020 WHPS Summer High School operates through Google Classroom within an online environment.   WHPS uses device-neutral products such as Google Meets and Google Classroom that work with iOS devices.  Students will have access to their WHPS Google accounts during summer school. All students will need a device and internet access.   Loaner Chromebooks are available for students enrolled in the WHPS program.    

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